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  • Cyclops Low Poly

    Cyclops Low Poly

  • Nasi lemak

    Nasi lemak

    Here’s a render of my first blender project that wasn’t a doughnut.

  • Texture painting

    Texture painting

    Back into practicing texture painting in blender. Inspired by Gaku Tada’s blender splashscreen, I did this small practice piece. The textures were all painted with brushes downloaded Omar Faruq Tawsif’s (@CraftReaper-OmarFaruqTawsif on youtube ) free brush pack *, and the plant, specifically the leaves were done with Daniel Martinez’s (@PepeSchoolLand on youtube ) grease pencil…

  • Free!


  • Polter-jazz


    A bit of soul music.

  • Round and round

    Round and round

      Curiga mencemar fikiran. Bila terlihat meme “Art inspired by your country [country flag]”, mulanya senang melihat para pelukis menzahirkan kecintaan kepada tanah air masing-masing. Sejurus itu lembaga AI datang membawa mendung: “Ini cara leechers nak scrape data untuk dapatkan imej yang menggambarkan negara tersebut”. Ignorance, is indeed bliss.

  • Fried boy

    Fried boy

    Had this idea of using 2D shader wrapped around a 3D mesh to simulate a stylised fire.

  • Coffee


    Got myself an invite to use Web Glaze, because my computer can’t handle it by itself. Fuck A.I generated images.  

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    [Click title to see video] In the face of the inevitable meltdown of social media in general, I’m rebooting this blog to post my art, sketches, and thoughts. Probably some memes too, who knows?