• Cyclops Low Poly

    Cyclops Low Poly

  • Gengar ice cream cup

    Gengar ice cream cup

  • “If I must die”

    “If I must die”

  • Maliq vs. Si Tanggang | #theSkyScratcherDuel

    Maliq vs. Si Tanggang | #theSkyScratcherDuel

    This was an art thing done for fun. Twitter user @qibbs96 posted a drawing of their character in an imaginary fighting game set in a backdrop of Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. The character, Maliq was intentionally placed to the left of the drawing, so any artists who are interested could draw in their own character…

  • B*verse BTS | Singing the Stars Exhibition

    B*verse BTS | Singing the Stars Exhibition

    We had the opportunity to visit the ‘B*verse BTS | Singing the Stars Exhibition’ at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. We got the Chinese New Year promo through Klook so it’s 2 tickets for the price of 1. Untung, maa! The exhibition was divided into several chambers with different experiences. The highlight of the exhibition is easily…

  • A wild Oddish appeared!

    A wild Oddish appeared!

    On my last trip to Georgetown, Penang in March 2023, my wife and I joined a pottery class at Yi Ping Fang Artistry Studio. We had a great time learning something totally new. It was our first time working with clay, and the facilitator was very helpful. We got to try working with a manual…

  • Nasi lemak

    Nasi lemak

    Here’s a render of my first blender project that wasn’t a doughnut.

  • Texture painting

    Texture painting

    Back into practicing texture painting in blender. Inspired by Gaku Tada’s blender splashscreen, I did this small practice piece. The textures were all painted with brushes downloaded Omar Faruq Tawsif’s (@CraftReaper-OmarFaruqTawsif on youtube ) free brush pack *, and the plant, specifically the leaves were done with Daniel Martinez’s (@PepeSchoolLand on youtube ) grease pencil…

  • Free!


  • Farewell, & thank you, Persona.

    Farewell, & thank you, Persona.

    On 18 October 2023, I sold off my first ever car that I bought. We had more cars than drivers in the household, so after the loan was finally paid out, We decided to sell it off. It was a pretty good ride, considering it being a “budget” version of the Persona. Its handling was…